1. To bring in the end-time harvest of souls. (evangelism)

2. To place strong emphasis on the teaching of the Word. To not only
get the Word into the people, but to get the people into the Word.

3. To build strong Christians who are truly living free and victorious—
spirit, soul and body. (discipleship)

4. To be a friendly church where the members reach out to all guest and
walk in love with one another. (fellowship)

5. To train each member to identify, develop and use their gifts in
ministry. (ministry)

6. To be a “Rehabilitation Center” restoring people who have been hurt
and disillusioned by the church. (ministry)

7. To be a “Worship Center” where we worship God in spirit and truth
with such high praises that we usher in signs, wonders, and
manifestations of the Spirit. (worship)



Word of Life Worship Center is a community of baptized believers and
dedicated followers of Jesus Christ.  We are bound together by love and
called to proclaim Jesus to a lost world.  In His Name we minister to the
needs of the sick, the poor, and the broken in our community so that we
can bring into oneness families and the community with the Church.  In
meeting the needs of others, we truly worship God.

Each church member is growing into a spiritually mature and discipled
believer who is filled with the Holy Spirit, knowledgeable about the Word
of God, active in sharing their faith, and committed to serving in their
local church.

We are Changing Lives, Changing Generations, and Changing Destines.